How to Retrieve Video from CMS-DH

You will start off by launching the CMS-DH program. (The icon is shown below)




You will be brought to the window below.


Please be sure that your camera system is Offline DVRonline before attempting to search for video. The picture below shows your DVR if it is offline. (Please note this does not mean that your DVR is not recording. It just means your computer is not connecting to it). If your program shows that your camera is offline, just click the red button, and it will go online.


Once your computer is communicating with your DVR the button will be blue, Select DVRand say “Online” as shown below. You are now ready to search for the video footage that you need. (Note that most locations will only have one DVR listed. In our example we have two. DVR 8 and DVR 27. This is not common at all locations. It will typically be one)


To pull video footage from your DVR you will right click the listed DVR, and select “Remote Search”

Remote Search

Once you select “Remote Search” the window below will pop up. This is where you will select the video footage that you need. Marked in red is everything that is needed. You will first choose the date, then the hour. Select the camera that Remote Dateyou need (1-16), and select the minutes to the right of it. Please note that if you want to select multiple hours you will not select minutes. Just the hours needed, and camera. To select multiple hours at a time you will click and drag the desired amount. After you select the necessary criteria click download.


You will be taken to the download status screen shown below.

download remote




After the download finishes, you will right-click your DVR again, and select “Local Search”.

local search








When you get to the window for “Local Search” you will select the same criteria that you just selected in “Remote Search” (i.e. Date, time, camera). Once you select what is required you will click “AVI Convert”

local date






Let the computer convert the files. While this is happening you can right-click the URL listed at the bottom of the window. Select “Copy”.

folder icon




Paste the URL into the URL bar circled in red at the top of the image below. You will find your converted videos in this folder. You can click the files that are listed, and it will launch the video for you to view. Please pay attention to the date, because some old footage may still be in the folder.

find file

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