Cloud Print for Chromebooks

1. Open up your Google Chrome browser on the Director Computer or Lobby Computer and navigate to and then sign in with your Chrome book account.

Sign in with your Email Address and Password.

Example:  Email: – Password: Rainbow1!

If you are currently signed in to a different Gmail account please sign out, or click add account.

Sign into Chrome







2. After you have signed into the Chrome book account you are going to select the 3 horizontal lines button in the top right corner and then select “Settings” as shown below.








3. After clicking “Settings” the page below should be displayed, scroll down to the bottom and select “Show Advanced Settings…”

advanced settings





4. You will then scroll down the page until you see “Google Cloud Print” and you will select “Manage” as shown below.

cloud print manage





5. Once the page loads you will select “Add Printers” as shown below.

add printers







6. You will then check the boxes for your “Kyocera” and “Automatically register new printers I connect” & click Add Printers, as shown below.

Once this has been done, you will be able to print from your Chrome book.

Select printers

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