Accessing Rainbowdata from Home

Instructions on how to access Rainbowdata if you are not at one of our locations (home, hotel, etc).

  • Click on the VPN icon as show below

Connection to Rainbow




  • Once the program has opened it should automatically try to connect, if it says “disabled” please Enable it.






  • You will first be asked for the Pre-shared key, please enter the following:   R@!nb0w1   (Note: the 0 is a zero)







  • Once you have type the pre-shared key you will then be asked for your username and password, which will be the same as your Email and SharePoint logon.

User Name and Password






  • After you have entered your login credentials, you should see the status changed to “Connected” and you will then be able to access Rainbowdata.







  • Please make sure when you are done with Rainbowdata that you disable the connection by clicking Disable button at the top.